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Services We Offer :
Case Management.
Ergonomic Evaluations.
Preparation of Job Analyses.
Expert Testimony.
Vocational Counseling.
Disability Management.
Compensation costs analyses.
Wage damages calculations.
Motivational Speaking.
Life Coaching.
ADA Compliance Consulting.
Aptitude, Interest and IQ Testing
Quick Contact Information :

Western Washington:
1215 - 120th Ave NE, Suite 205

Bellevue, WA 98005

Tel: (425) 823-7115
Fax: (425) 823-7125

Eastern Washington:
1030 N. Center Parkway, Suite 102
Kennewick, WA 99336

Tel: (509) 943-7800
Fax: (509) 943-7854

Bock Consulting Closes Claims.


Bock Consulting is a curator of specialized knowledge harnessed and creatively directed towards carrying out specific plans of action to secure sound industrial claim resolution for all parties involved. 


Bock Consulting provides consulting services tailored to the intricacies of State of Washington Workers' Compensation claims and vocational issues pertaining to RCW 51.32.095, RCW 51.32.099 and WAC 296-19A.


Bock Consulting provides telephonic and field nurse case management services in Washington, Oregon, Idaho and Alaska.


***Proactive Services Bock Consulting Provides***


Vocational Consulting / Employability Assessments.
Field Nurse Case Management.

Preparation of Job Analyses. Example: Bus Driver / Ortho Surg Staff RN

Expert Testimony.
Development of return-to-work and injury reduction programs.
Aptitude, Interest, IQ and Personality Testing for HR decisions regarding promotions and potential personnel managerial styles.
Vocational Counseling.

Disability Management.

Developing financial analyses to identify the drivers of workers' compensation costs.
Wage damages calculations.
Motivational Speaking.
Life Coaching.
Mentoring/Team Building
ADA Compliance Assessments
Bock Consulting has developed and offers various strategies to reduce workers' compensation expenditures:

Bock Consulting has developed the Zero Injury Program (click link for a representative program overview). Historically, such a program has been successful for employers as well as the workers participating in the program(See actual results from a major hospital). Implementing this proven system, where workers and management work together to identify the challenges and solutions in the workplace, can save companies thousands of dollars in workers' compensation costs.

In addition, Bock Consulting has significant experience in working with employers to develop return to work programs, even in situations where light-duty opportunities do not appear to exist. Getting workers back to work after an injury in a productive and meaningful position is the best way to avoid long-term workers' compensation issues. Per the vocational benefits due to injured workers if found eligible for retraining (RCW 51.32.099), one retraining plan can cost $70, 000 to $100, 000 in total costs! In today's economy, employee retention is key to employer longevity.




Washington State Employment Security Department


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