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Services We Offer :
Case Management.
Ergonomic Evaluations.
Preparation of Job Analyses.
Expert Testimony.
Vocational Counseling.
Disability Management.
Compensation cost analyses.
Wage damages calculations.
Motivational Speaking.
Life Coaching.
ADA Compliance Consulting.
Aptitude, Interest and IQ Testing
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Western Washington:
1215 - 120th Ave NE, Suite 205

Bellevue, WA 98005

Tel: (425) 823-7115
Fax: (425) 823-7125

Eastern Washington:
1030 N. Center Parkway, Suite 102
Kennewick, WA 99336

Tel: (509) 943-7800
Fax: (509) 943-7854


As Vocational Rehabilitation Counselors, Bock Consulting is asked by self-insured employers to work with employees who have been injured on the job, and provide them with vocational rehabilitation-related services. These services can include employability assessments, job analyses, earning capacity evaluations, vocational rehabilitation retraining plan development and monitoring of a worker's progress through a vocational rehabilitation retraining plan.

In our role as Vocational Rehabilitation Counselors, employers, insurance administrators, or other third parties pay for our services. We are responsible to the employers/insurance administrators/third parties to provide unbiased assessments and recommendations regarding what kinds of work and/or retraining programs are appropriate for each worker to assist the worker back to gainful employment. We regularly communicate with and provide reports to the employers/insurance administrators/other third parties regarding the status of each worker. We will provide you with reports as well, upon request.

We have an obligation to the workers with whom we work, and strive to respect the needs and wishes of each worker. We must operate within the limits of what employers and the Department of Labor & Industries are required to provide injured workers under the Industrial Insurance Law.  These requirements are further detailed in Washington Administrative Code 296-19Aand Revised Code of Washington 51.32.095 Industrial Insurance.

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Our relationship with workers is of a professional nature (not a personal one). We provide services in a professional and ethical manner, and as such, it is not possible to guarantee any specific results or outcomes.

We keep all information obtained through discussions with workers strictly confidential, with the following exceptions: (a) information which may affect the employability status of the worker according to the State of Washington's Industrial Insurance Law, (b) the worker directs us to share the information with someone else, (c) the worker is in imminent danger to themselves or others, (d) there is concern with regard to an abused child or elder, or (e) we are ordered by a court to disclose the information.

Should you have any questions regarding the information outlined above, we would be happy to discuss them with you. Thank you!